Friday, June 10, 2011

SolarGuard® Protection From Corrosion And Environmental Damage!

SolarGuard® is a patented, non-halogenated fiberglass system that beats the effects of outdoor exposure plus provides outstanding chemical and flame resistance. SolarGuard® outperforms other available SMC formulations by as much as 60% in its ability to retain gloss and color after exposure to concentrated UV light. SolarGuard® is also able to reduce the effects of UV degradation such as surface roughening and fiber blooming.

SolarGuard® meets a NFPA No.101 Class A flame spread index. Fire retardancy, achieved through use of alumina trihydrate fillers, meets UL94-5V standards - an important aspect of enclosure protection, especially in remote installations.

SolarGuard® features new, proprietary double-protection formulation technology that significantly enhances the molecular bond strength and crosslinking that occurs during the curing process in thermosetting polyester sheet molding compounds.

SolarGuard® fights polymer degradation by making it much more difficult for UV light to attack molecular bonds of both primary chains and crosslinks. A special UV Absorber is added to the SolarGuard® formulation which acts to absorb UV energy, then to release it without damaging the polymer chain.

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