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Fiberglass Enclosure Provides Attractive Aesthetics Plus Reliable Anti-Corrosion Protection For Important Control Systems.

Fiberglass Enclosure Provides Attractive Aesthetics Plus Reliable Anti-Corrosion Protection For Important Control Systems.

Andrew Morgan
General Manager
Hydro Instruments

Hydro Instruments is a manufacturer of chemical feed, control and monitoring equipment focused on water and wastewater disinfection applications for the municipal and industrial markets. Hydro
gas chlorinators and residual chlorine analyzers have become globally recognized as the most ruggedly designed, highest quality and longest lasting available in the marketplace. Consequently, when we select vendors we expect them to provide us with reliable, high quality, long lasting products.

More than a decade ago Hydro Instruments began to research enclosures options for protecting some of our products. Originally we were concerned most with size and material. We concluded that, due to the corrosive environment in which we place our equipment, we needed a NEMA fiberglass enclosures. This requirement led us to Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures.

The Stahlin J Series line of enclosures was particularly suited to our needs. The J Series was developed as an industrial enclosure for harsh, aggressive environments. Originally designed as an electrical junction box for the oil refining and petrochemical industries, the J Series has evolved over the years into a versatile industrial enclosure with varied applications for use from high-end electronics to extreme corrosive applications both indoors and out. The rugged design in combination of over fifty plus years experience has proven to hold extreme reliability in tough environments and is a key attribute of this series.

In addition, Stahlin's enclosures are molded from SolarGuard®, a patented sheet molded compound formulation that provides superior molded-in UV resistance. We are now successfully using the Stahlin enclosures to protect our control systems from UV damage as well as other environmental threats such as corrosion and moisture. Stahlin's enclosures are also NEMA rated type 1, 3, 4X, 6P, 12 and UL/cUL/CSA approved.

The Stahlin enclosures used by Hydro Instruments house our electronic and electr portions of automatic control valves and gas alarm monitors. Stahlin produces our enclosures in a white color which improves the product image and aids in marketing. Stahlin also provides our enclosures with machined modifications to our specifications --- thereby eliminating the need for Hydro Instruments to enclosures machined after receipt. Together we have been able to provide our customers with more than a decade of rugged, high quality and long lasting devices.

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