Friday, October 21, 2011

Proper Selection Of Enclosures Results In Reliable, Long-Term Protection Of Controls, Instrumentation, and Electrical Connections In A Fiberglass Tubular Lining Manufacturing Facility

Proper Selection Of Enclosures Results In Reliable, Long-Term Protection Of Controls, Instrumentation, and Electrical Connections In A Fiberglass Tubular Lining Manufacturing Facility Duoline® Technologies, pioneers of Duoline® --- a unique glass-reinforced epoxy liner used to protect oil and gas steel tubulars from internal corrosion --- recently expanded its manufacturing facility in Gilmer, Texas. The company produces Duoline® from an ultramodern, ISO9001:2008 certified, 130,000 square foot plant using a highly efficient manufacturing system supported by advanced process controls and automation designed to provide repeatability and precision. According to Oscar Zapata, product engineering manager for Duoline® Technologies: "In order to accomplish our manufacturing objectives we evaluated every critical aspect of processing efficiency including options for enclosures to protect our control systems, instrumentation, and electrical connections. This is especially critical in applications, such as ours, where the presence of corrosive factors constitute an ever-present and costly threat for damage to equipment as well as potentially catastrophic compromise of vital systems." Choosing the Optimum Enclosure Means Understanding Which Materials Offer Proven Protective Performance Specific to the performance of enclosures, material failure caused by corrosion --- or impact damage resulting in a breach of proper sealing --- can cause a multitude of problems ranging from catastrophic and dangerous system collapses, to production downtime, increased maintenance costs, and consequential losses in customers and revenue. "Proper selection is critical as relates to both the design and the material of the enclosure. Ultimately selection comes down to optimal performance and value." states Zapata. In addition, he notes, defining the corroding agents and determining their concentration can be a complex but necessary process. Usually several corrosive elements are present and interactions are not always well documented. Adjacent processing operations or other intermittent activities such as industrial cleaning and the general plant environment may expose the sensitive control equipment to a variety of corrosive agents and temperatures. Each environment is unique and all possible corrosive agents should be identified for the intended application. The Longest Life and Maximum Reliability: Dual Reasons Why Duoline® Technologies Chose Composite/Fiberglass Enclosures The primary demand for reliable protective service led Duoline® Technologies to ultimately select products from the Control Tower and DS (DiamondShield) series of nonmetallic enclosures produced by Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures. Duoline® Technologies currently has a wide variety of sizes and configurations of Stahlin enclosures in service and has benefited from allowing Stahlin to use its in-house expertise in performing enclosure modifications at their production facility. Modified enclosures arrive to Duoline ready for final assembly and immediate use. The decision to use nonmetallic enclosures was guided by many factors but none more important than proven long service life and reliability of protective performance. Moreover, thermoset composite fiberglass enclosures provided desirable life cycle costing because of negligible maintenance and minimal recurring replacement cost due to little or no deterioration in service. Such enclosures provide inherent safety because composite enclosures are not conductive. They are also lighter weight, reducing shipping costs and installation headaches; and are easily modified per specific requirements of individual applications. Stahlin's Non-Metallic DS (DiamondShield) Series: The Stahlin Diamondshield Series was developed for design flexibility and pleasing aesthetics. Applications include high-end electronics, harsh corrosive environments, and industrial applications both indoors and out. Unique internal panel management capabilities provides the end user with only the features they need for their application, yet able to use every cubic inch of valuable internal enclosure space. The series offers an additional feature of panel mounting in the cover for use as an operator interface in industrial equipment control stations when required. Stahlin's Control Tower Series: Large and Freestanding Enclosures. Stahlin offers a line of enclosures for dimensionally large applications (48x36 to 90 x 72) The Stahlin Control Tower Series has been designed for use in larger industrial control systems and machine tool control panels. Their industrial look and ruggedness offer the most practical solution to many applications and are well suited for both indoor and outdoor environments. These larger size wall mount or freestanding enclosures are designed for the maximum available space for electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical control circuits. Key features: Over 186 configurations in 62 sizes Wall mount and free-standing available Size ranges from 48 x 36 to 90 x 72 Gasketed or bonded windows in door Adaptable for flange mounted disconnect handles No sidewall obstructions, flanged cover UL/cUL/CSA Approved Rated Type 1, 3, 3R, 4X, 12, IP55, IP66 For more details: Since 1964, more than 100 million feet of Duoline® glass reinforced epoxy lined tubing have been successfully installed worldwide. Duoline® --- premium internal corrosion resistant lining system for oil and gas steel tubing --- is a high performance, high-value, cost-effective solution to beating the high cost of corrosion. The unique Duoline® insert liner process creates a proven corrosion barrier inside the steel pipe. The benefit is isolation of corrosive oilfield fluids and gases from the steel. For more information about Duoline® products or services contact: Oscar Zapata: 250 W Bluebird Rd, Gilmer, Texas 903-734-1371. Oscar Zapata: Or visit: For More Information on Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures:

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