Friday, April 20, 2012

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures 10 Year Product Warranty!

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures 10 Year Product Warranty! Environmental Damage To Connections, Controls And Instrumentation Essential To Solar Energy Applications Can Be Reduced Or Eliminated By Choosing The Correct Non-Metallic Enclosure. Because Stahlin Composite Enclosures Can Provide Durable Long-Term Protection, The Company Has Announced That Its Product Warranty Free Of Failure Due To Manufacturer Defects Has Been Extended To A Full Decade Through Its SUN-UP-TO-SUN-DOWN 10 YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY
All Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures Are Protected By Patented SolarGuard® --- A Unique Material Formulation That Provides Superior Molded-In UV-Resistance, Requires No Field Maintenance, And Is Provided At No Additional Product Cost. In Extensive Comparison Testing, SolarGuard® Outperformed All Other Available SMC Formulations By As Much As 60% In Its Ability To Retain Gloss And Color After Exposure To Concentrated UV Light. Stahlin Enclosures Are Rugged Non-Metallic Composites And Not Molded Thermoplastics. Consequently. Stahlin Enclosures Provide Superior Dimensional Stability Because Of Low Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion Versus Stainless Steel. While Tensile Strength Is High With Metal Enclosures, Flexural Strength (The Material’s Ability To Withstand Denting) Is Relatively Low. While That Is Desirable For Forming Operations, It Is Less Than Desirable In The Finished Product. Once Metal Has Gone Beyond Its Elastic Limit It Has Created A Potential Leak Path That Could Compromise An Enclosure’s Seal Integrity. Composite Fiberglass Materials Offer A Significant Advantage Over Metallic Alternatives In Improved Flexural Strength Because They Can Withstand An Impact Without Permanent Deformation Or Denting. For More Information On Stahlin: www.Stahlin.Com

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