Monday, August 20, 2012

Six trends of Industrial Automation You Should Know


Six trends of Industrial Automation You Should Know

By Advantech on 8/14/2012

 It’s critical to seize opportunities during the transformation in the industrial automation market. Here are some hints to understanding the industry.

The industrial automation market is undergoing a major change. Cloud computing is becoming mainstream, demand for energy management technologies is growing, and the rise of intelligent mobile devices is accelerating the evolution of automation. To succeed in this environment, manufacturers and system integrators will need to adopt new technologies and concepts.

In terms of market focus and positioning, Craig Resnick, vice President of ARC Advisory Group, presented six categories to illustrate the trends of industrial automation. These trends include: embedded intelligence for plant asset management to enable the monitoring and integration of information from a variety of systems and field devices, mobile enterprise application platforms and remote devices that help plants communicate with their supplychain and customers from anywhere.

They also aid smart grids in solving system problems and use the IEC 61850 standard for energy management. Finally, urban infrastructure is essential for mobile computing and cloud-based devices. By focusing on these industries and realizing and leveraging their potential, manufacturesare able to constantly develop their capabilities and become high performers.

For a video of the full speech, watch it on Online Solution Forum: Free Online Seminars & Trade Show.

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