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Durability, front panel availability, and pedestal mounting for water/ wastewater lift station controls

Durability, front panel availability, and pedestal mounting for water/ wastewater lift station controls just a few reasons why IDX switched to Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures.

Johnny Halsey
IDX, Inc.

Lift Stations (or Pump Stations) are an essential component of a water/ wastewater system that take water/wastewater from residential homes and businesses and pump into a sewage treatment plant. Selecting the housing enclosure to protect controls for these stations is an issue of utmost importance because failure of control of the water supply could result.  Foremost, the enclosure must withstand the constant effects of wind, rain, and harmful UV rays as many lift stations are located in harsh and remote environments.


Because lift stations are often located in extreme environments, the enclosure must be durable because the controls must not be compromised. For example, in the case of failure of the pumping station, a backup in the system can occur, leading to an unsanitary overflow and discharge of fluids into the environment. As such the controls must be housed in an extremely reliable enclosure to reduce the risk of failure. This means resistance to environmental elements, impact, and also that the gasket of the enclosure achieves and maintains a long-term seal to protect against moisture, dirt, and other potentially destructive forces.

Over the years, many lift station control housings have made the switch to non-metallic enclosures because of their proven performance in remote and harsh environment installations.  

IDX converted from metal to non-metallic enclosures after determining that the fiberglass enclosures of Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures were unique because the company formulates its own proprietary material and molds its own enclosures under one roof in an integrated process that controls quality and availability. 

Stahlin’s in-house formulation features a true differentiator ---  SolarGuard®, a patented sheet molding compound formulation that provides superior molded-in UV resistance.  In extensive comparison testing, SolarGuard ® outperformed other available SMC formulations by as much as 60% in its ability to retain gloss and color after exposure to concentrated UV light. These significant benefits provide IDX a high comfort level that our pump station controls will be well-protected.

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Dead front panel

A dead front panel is designed to obscure the view of circuitry or devices while offering a cosmetically pleasing mounting surface. Stahlin produces a top quality dead front panel, inclusive of spring-loaded releasable hinges that make component mounting and panel assembly a very simple task. When properly installed, the panel is securely fixed to the sidewall of the enclosure. This means that load-bearing weights are distributed throughout the assembly. The hinged suspended panel swings out of the way to provide full access to a panel or PC board mounting. The availability of a quality dead front panel from Stahlin makes it easy for IDX to install and incorporate into the overall design.

Installation on pedestal

Dirt, dust, oil, water, or other contaminants such as animals are present everywhere lift station controls are, so they are often installed on a pedestal. Pedestals enable many types of enclosures and boxes to be mounted above the ground to avoid contact with these contaminants. Non-metallic enclosures are often selected today for pedestal mounting because they have proven to make the installation of the control housing easier. Composites materials are easier to modify in the field and are lighter weight compared to stainless steel options. IDX has saved time and cost by swapping out our previous enclosure option with the composite Stahlin enclosure for mounting on pedestals.

The durability of the Stahlin Non-Metallic enclosure, together with a quality dead front panel and ease of installation on a pedestal, gave IDX the confidence to make the switch to the Stahlin line. Our customers benefit because they are provided lift station control systems that are protected within the harsh environments in which they perform.

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