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Designing Customized Enclosure Programs For OEMs

Although off-the shelf enclosure products are available to solve common industry related problems, OEMs know that offering the exact same product as their competitors, even at a lower price does not always contribute to additional market share. As a result, many OEMs are looking for ways to differentiate themselves. Customized enclosure programs with a high quality enclosure vendor have proven to be one way for OEMs to separate their products from the pack.
However, just setting up a customized program will not guarantee success. It is essential to select the correct partner that has extensive experience in designing affordable custom products optimized for OEM's specific needs. OEMS need a vendor that is a great listener and one that understands system integration. Finding a vendor with these qualities ensures OEM’s products provide exceptional value for their customers. For the purpose of this article we will discuss how one high quality enclosure manufacturer, Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures, has successfully developed customized solutions for many of its’ OEM customers.
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Because Stahlin’s engineering and operations staff have learned to listen and understand system integration, they have been able to create many successful custom enclosure programs. For example, a customer, Mining Safety Appliance, wanted an easy way to keep a close eye on electrical equipment installed inside without having to open the enclosure and subject the employees to the potential of arch flash. They found specifying and installing a site window (shown above) on the enclosure proved to be a cost-effective option.
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Additionally, Stahlin has taken many OEMs custom concepts such as an embossed logo or a custom cover design and conformed them to an existing enclosure. The enclosure shown below is just one type of OEM custom logo added to a “standard” base.
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Over 5 years ago, Stahlinadded new CNC equipment to properly drill holes for OEM’s. Using CNC machinery ensures consistent and repeatable holes each time, makes installation of panels and components for their customers extremely simple and quick compared to having to drill holes themselves.
View video of equipment running at:
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Custom colors that can be matched to a company’s brand colors has also been a popular option used by many of Stahlin’s OEM customers. Stahlin has been able to match specific blue, red, yellow and other colors for their customers. Shown below are just a couple of examples of color matching options available.
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One Stahlin customer, Metis Security needed their MS-6100 Emergency Help Station to stand out and be highly visible. See the Metis product installed in the field below, the custom yellow color really helps it get the attention it needs. Plus, Metis was confident in Stahlin’s Solarguard ® formulation, the enclosure color would not fade over time ensuring longevity of the product in the field. Solarguard ® --- a unique double-protection material formulation that provides superior molded-in UV-resistance, requires no field maintenance, and is provided at no additional product cost.
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Stahlin can also develop custom sizes for unique uses. The Stahlin Control Tower Enclosure above (one of the largest built by Stahlin) is now used in the Abita Brewery plant.
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Outside appearance such as custom covers, windows, sizes and colors are just a couple of the ways Stahlin has helped OEMs. Another example can be found inside the enclosure. The custom panel helps to obscure the view of circuitry or devices while offering a cosmetically pleasing mounting surface. Stahlin produces a top quality customized dead front panel, inclusive of spring-loaded releasable hinges that make component mounting and panel assembly a very simple task.
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Stahlin prides itself in its willingness and ability to meet the enclosure modifications needs of customers. The combination of technologically advanced equipment and a sound procedure for handling the most detailed modification allows Stahlin to process modifications on time, and to the highest quality standards in the industry. Every program can be custom designed to support OEMs in very uncommon or complex applications.
Modifications can be mixed and matched in an endless number of combinations. The Stahlin ModRight program is multi faceted and designed to meet a range of unique requirements from simple hole drilling to full custom blend of fiberglass material.
They can take the form of:
·      Custom mold-in colors
·      Silk screening
·      EMI/RFI shielding
·      Custom window sizes
·      Custom cutouts/holes
·      Custom size enclosures

When you need to pick a company for an enclosure customization program--- think StahlinNon-Metallic Enclosures:

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