Monday, June 2, 2014

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclsoures' New Video with Visual Proof that Stahlin Enclosures Outperforms Metal Alternatives in Resisting Damage from Impact

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 Many enclosure specifiers choose metal options based on their reputation for strength. Strength can have many interpretations, but when it comes to enclosures, strength measures the resistance of a material to failure. What specifiers may not know is that even though stainless steels have high strength, they exhibit low toughness—the resistance of a material to be damaged on impact. The low toughness of metal enclosures allows them to dent easily. When a steel enclosure becomes dented, the integrity of the box can be compromised, which could result in the enclosure not sealing properly. An enclosure that is not sealed properly creates a situation where the enclosure loses its capability to be air and water tight, and there exists the possibility for the components to become compromised and runs the risk of application failure. 

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures, manufacturer of the world’s most frequently specified fiberglass electrical enclosures, has introduced a brief new video that provides visual proof on how non-metallic enclosures outperform metal alternatives in resisting damage from impact: 

The video shows a series of four impact tests—three performed on non-metallic enclosures and one performed on a metal enclosure.

Observe how Stahlin’s non-metallic enclosures withstand the impact tests, versus the way a metal alternative enclosure is damaged by the same impact. Watch the video here:

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