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Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturer Converts to Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures for Superior UV Protection

Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturer Converts to Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures for Superior UV Protection with Reduced Weight and Costs.

A manufacturer of modular onshore and offshore skid mounted equipment for applications in the oil and gas industry uses enclosures to protect controls on some of their standard product lines. Leslie Engle, Product Specialist for Hodges Southwest*, a partner of Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures, approached the equipment manufacturer early in 2014 to inform them of the increased sizes and robust features of Stahlin’s new expanded J Series.

*Hodges Southwest (HSW) is supported with state of the art operating systems, technology, and sales tools. The company’s facilities are large, well located and equipped with material handling machinery exceeding 10,000 lbs. HSW can provide everything from electrical product specification to complete cable management programs.

Leslie Engle initially met with the manufacturer’s procurement and material control manager. During the meeting, the manager was impressed by the Expanded J Series reduced weight, lower cost, added benefits of the Stahlin SolarGuard®* formulation. In addition, the product features a straight entry for the back panel, which is a characteristic not offered by the stainless steel option but allowed for ease of back panel population and reduced the enclosure size required. This further decreased costs of purchase and manufacturing. The material control manager was also interested in Stahlin enclosures as a viable option for creating easily modified, customized products.

*SolarGuard® is a patented, non-halogenated fiberglass system that beats the effects of outdoor exposure, plus provides outstanding chemical and flame resistance. SolarGuard® outperforms other available SMC formulations by as much as 60% in its ability to retain gloss and color after exposure to concentrated UV light. SolarGuard® is also able to reduce the effects of UV degradation such as surface roughening and fiber blooming.

SolarGuard® meets a NFPA No.101 Class A flame spread index. Fire retardancy, achieved through use of alumina trihydrate fillers, meets UL94-5V standards --- an important aspect of enclosure protection, especially in remote installations.

After the first meeting, the company’s engineering manager and Leslie were able to meet for a demo of the Expanded J Series. The engineering manager was also impressed. Leslie pointed out that although the J2424HPL is a smaller exterior size, its internal dimensions are very close to the size of the other enclosure they used, and would more efficiently accommodate the electronics to be mounted inside. With such space efficiency and reduced weight, in addition to all the other benefits offered by the J Series, the engineering manager immediately approved the use of Stahlin enclosures for its current application.

Stahlin’s Expanded J Series product line is available in three new sizes with two configurations.

• J Series 20x20 with hinged lockable pull latch (HPL) and new 3-point latch (3PT)

• J Series 24x20 with hinged lockable pull latch (HPL) and new 3-point latch (3PT)

• J Series 24x24 with hinged lockable pull latch (HPL) and new 3-point latch (3PT)

With three new sizes and two configurations, the Stahlin J Series is bigger, better, and offers users more space for maximum protection at a competitive price and is readily available.

In addition, the new size benefits include:
·      ETL certification to NEMA Type 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, 13 and IP66 per IEC60529
·      Single point entry with integrated three point rotating handle for ease-of-use on available option 3PT
·      Chemically resistant fiberglass reinforced composite formulation for long product life, UV resistance featuring patented SolarGuard®, the best available protection against UV degradation
·      UL94-5V flame resistance
·      Channel gasket assures seal location
·      Integral mounting flange for structural integrity

Other key features of the new larger J Series:

Stahlin’s larger J series enclosures are industrially tough, yet easy to modify. They are designed with an overhang cover that that thoroughly seals over a smooth-sided base. J Series enclosures are equipped with stainless steel latches and full-length piano hinge that allows a full 180°+ door-opening range. Mounting foot gussets are integral to the enclosure body to ensure structural integrity and robustness. Slotted mounting holes allow for mounting flexibility and easy changeability, reducing initial installation time and simplifying future maintenance.

For even more convenience during installation, J Series enclosures are designed for use with standard, off-the-shelf hardware. The innovative J Series design offers unprecedented space efficiency, cost efficiency and installation time efficiency, and is made of durable, long-lasting materials that guarantee reliable performance for a wide range of applications.

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