Monday, May 4, 2015

The DiamondShield® series, from Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures, has met customer demands in wireless applications for more than a decade.

Stahlin, the manufacturer of the world's most frequently specified fiberglass enclosure products, launched their Non-Metallic Enclosures DiamondShield® product line series in 2002. Due to the high quality of their product and pioneering panel management system, customers found unique implementation applications, especially for wireless environments.
The Stahlin DiamondShield® Series offers design flexibility and pleasing aesthetics. Applications include high-end electronics, harsh corrosive environments, and industrial applications both indoors and out.
Unique internal panel management capabilities provide the end user with only the features needed for their application, while remaining able to use every cubic inch of valuable, internal enclosure space. The series offers an additional panel mounting cover feature for use as an operator interface in industrial equipment control stations, when required.

Key Features Of The DiamondShield® Pioneering Panel Management System

  • Full utilization of both space and design. All space within the enclosure can be accessed and utilized with minimal requirements for additional mounting hardware.
  • Panel maneuverability at both the time of assembly and in actual field use.
  • Optimized use and function of all usable space within the enclosure while assisting in the mounting of cover mounted devices, such as touchpads and printed circuit boards.
  • Maximized visibility of panels offering critical feedback, such as instrumentation, while preserving the integrity of the enclosure.
  • Ability to meet unique visual requirements usually associated with a dead front panel.
  • Ability to meet the needs for mounting surface at rear of enclosure.
  • Ability to meet end users' design capabilities and field changes that would otherwise require major modification or costly disassembly.
  • Ability to externally assemble, then "drop in" to the enclosure DIN rail mounted components, thereby minimizing assembly, modification and field servicing.
  • Provides maximum surface area for pushbutton or touchpad layout, maximizing end users' design possibilities.
  • Ability to meet end users' requirements for the installation of isolated visibility or custom visual requirements.
  • Offers restricted access to areas of adjustment and calibration.
Additionally, all Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures feature SolarGuard®, a non-halogenated fiberglass formula system beating the effects of outdoor exposure while simultaneously providing chemical and flame resistance.
SolarGuard®, in extensive comparison testing, outperformed other available SMC formulations by as much as 60% in the ability to retain its gloss and color after concentrated UV light exposure. It is backed by 12-plus years of performance in extreme applications, such as Western Texas' high temperature desert environment.
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