Monday, March 7, 2016

Canaan Industries LLC custom designs, builds, and installs natural gas compressors with Stahlin’s Non-Metallic Enclosures

In today’s oil and gas environment it is critical to provide customers with the best product value. To accomplish this task, it is essential to establish relationships with high quality component suppliers and manufacturers. For example, Canaan Industries uses all quality components on its natural gas compressors—Toshiba motors and variable frequency drives, Square D, and F.W. Murphy electrical parts along with Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures.

So what is a high quality product in the eyes of Canaan Industries' customers? Simply put, a high-quality product is a vibration-free unit with the ability to prevent dirt, oil, and leaf accumulation.

More than 15 years ago, Chris Deem, owner of Canaan Industries, needed to find a non-metallic enclosure to replace the steel versions that often corroded in a harsh environment. Chris reached out to his local electrical distributor Wolff Brothers Supply, Incorporated. The staff recommended Stahlin enclosures because they already had established themselves with a very good reputation in the oil and gas industry. The Stahlin enclosures non-metallic material did not corrode in the oilfield and the gasket seal prevented all dust, dirt, chemicals, water and other foreign objects from entering the box.

Today, more than15 years later, Canaan Industries still uses Stahlin enclosures on all of its compressors as they have performed without incident--just as Wolff Brothers Supply indicated when they first approached Stahlin about non-metallic boxes that would survive a harsh environment.

Canaan Industries uses Stahlin's RJ Series

The RJ Series enclosures follow the original design of fiberglass enclosure products featuring a modest overhang cover on a flange-mounted base. This simple but elegant concept offers unobstructed side-walls, built in mounting capabilities and the strength characteristics associated with a protective wrap around cover that is hinged, latched or screwed down. RJ Series meets NEMA Rating: 1, 3R, 4X, 6P, 12 and includes 11 sizes from 6” x 4”  to 20” x 16”.

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