Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures comply with the IK10 rating for external mechanical impact.

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures comply with the IK10 rating for external mechanical impact.
Photo Caption: The Stahlin N Series Non-Metallic Enclosure passes testing for IK10 rating for external mechanical impact.
Electrical enclosures are often put into harm's way in commercial and industrial environments. The enclosure must continually protect the controls inside, especially in environments such as warehouse or outdoor work areas where accidental damage due to collision with heavy machinery, equipment, vehicles and vandalism are often a daily occurrence.
How do you specify an enclosure that stands up to impact?
Look for the internationally recognized IK10 rating.

IK ratings are defined as IKXX, where "XX" is a number from 00 to 10, indicating the degree of protection provided by electrical enclosures against external mechanical impact. The higher the number providing a greater degree of protection with an IK10 being the highest rating available.
The ability of an enclosure to resist impact energy levels is measured in joules (J).
Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosure IK Testing Results:
Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosure had the following product lines tested and found compliant for IK:
  • J Series
  • DS Series
  • N Series Wallmount
  • N Series Control Tower

What is the main reason Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures stood up to IK testing?
Stahlin's patent material formulation
Every Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosure is molded with a unique, patented sheet molding compound (SMC) formulation. This formulation is produced by Stahlin's in-house material processing system. Stahlin's patented SolarGuard® compound ensures every enclosure manufactured in the Belding, Michigan factory is rugged and durable in environments where exposure to impact is imminent.
For over 60 years, Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures has engineered and manufactured innovative, reliable enclosures for all types of commercial and industrial applications around the globe. Today, Stahlin is the leader and pioneer of fiberglass enclosures for outdoor and indoor industrial use. In addition, Stahlin offers one of the largest ranges of product sizes and enclosure options.
Contact Roger Schroder for full testing results:rschroder@stahlin.com
For more information on Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures:http://www.stahlin.com/

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